A. Project Proposal Forms

Contained Use For institutions undertaking research and development on GMOs under containment (laboratory, screen house etc.), please accomplish the following forms.
Confined Test

For institutions undertaking research and development on GMOs under controlled open environments, please accomplish the following forms.

B. Common Format for Reports

Completion Report Form for Contained Use or Confined Tests

Submitted by the proponent to the IBC within 90 days after the official completion of the project.

​*For confined test projects, determination of official completion of the activity will be done by the BPI-PEQS, upon ascertaining that all required post-harvest activities have been accomplished.  ​Only upon the PEQS’ official declaration that the project is officially terminated/completed can the proponent submit the completion report on the said activity.

IBC Report after Completion of Contained or Confined Tests Submitted immediately after completion of contained use or confined test project.
Progress Report Form for Contained or Confined Tests Indicates the progress/status of implementation of approved contained use or confined test project for the year.
Research Transfer of Responsibility Form Submitted when there are changes or replacement of personnel involved in the contained use or confined test project.
IBC Annual Report Submitted to the DOST-BC not later than the 15th day of March each year.  To complete this form you may need to also download and accomplish the following: (1) Progress/Status Report, (2) Completion Report, (3) IBC Report, and (4) Research Transfer of Responsibility Sheet.
Termination Report Form for Contained Use or Confined Tests Submitted when work on the project has ceased, slowed to the point that further progress is no longer possible, or when data generated is found to be sufficient for the next level of assessment. 

C. Citizens Charter

Citizens Charter

To ensure that proposals related to contained use and confined test of genetically modified organism are properly processed and evaluated by the DOST Biosafety Committee.