Project Information

Reference Number 2021-0330
Project Title Evaluation of Tissue-Selective Glyphosate Tolerant Maize MON 87427 under Screenhouse Conditions
Project Type Contained Use (Screenhouse)
Status Ongoing
Name of Institution
Cooperating Institution N/A
Supervising IBC N/A
Project Leader(s)

John Fajardo

Maria Luisa Pahuyo

Experimental Facility/Site Barangay Masaya, Bay, Laguna
Purpose / Objectives

The study will be conducted to demonstrate under screenhouse conditions that appropriately timed glyphosate applications produce a male sterile phenotype in maize MON 87427.

Biosafety measures
  • Regulated seeds will be imported following the all guidelines of DA-BPI plant quarantine regulations and will be stored safely at Plant Quarantine Services of DA-BPI and in a lock at the Screenhouse location.


  • To prevent the regulated materials from introducing to food/feed chain, accidental spillage during transport, and/or unintended survival outside the Screenhouse, the regulated seeds are packed in triple packing condition under the supervision of a company employee during transportation.Remaining regulated seeds would be boiled, devitalized, crushed and disposed into deep pit. Screenhouse will be inspected thoroughly to check any spillage of seeds, recorded and documented. Harvested vegetative parts will be chopped and buried into a deep pit.


  • Prevention of gene flow/pollen dissemination will be achieved by maintaining 21 days’ time isolation and/or erecting poly sheets (if required).


  • Biosecurity measures like physical fence, 24/7 caretaker, authorized access to restricted personnel into the Screenhouse will be maintained. Personnel working for regulated activity will be trained for all local Biosafety measures as mentioned in Philippines Biosafety Guidelines-2014-DOST-BC and Internal Stewardship procedures.
Conditions for Approval N/A
Date of Approval (DD-MM-YYYY) N/A
Date of Completion (DD-MM-YYYY) N/A
Executive Summary N/A