Project Information

Reference Number 2020-0328
Project Title Functional validation of candidate genes potentially associated with grain quality and yield component traits obtained from one GWAS-core indica rice panel by genome editing and genetic engineering techniques
Project Type Contained Use (Laboratory)
Status Ongoing
Name of Institution International Rice Research Institute
Cooperating Institution N/A
Supervising IBC International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)
Project Leader(s)

Dr. Nese Sreenivasulu, Dr. Sung-Ryul Kim, Dr. Inez H. Slamet-Loedin

Experimental Facility/Site Genetic Transformation Laboratory (GTL), Genomics and Genetics Laboratory (GGL) and the transgenic glass bays (CL4) at the IRRI.
Purpose / Objectives

To validate gene function of newly identified 36 candidate genes and promoters associated with grain quality, nutrition and yield related traits.

Biosafety measures

1. Only personnel duly approved and trained to handle transgenic materials and with sufficient knowledge of molecular techniques and/or properly supervised personnel will be allowed to take part in the experiment.

2. Seeds of the engineered roce lines will be handled in compliance to all relevant biosafety and phytosanitary requirements of the Philippines.

3. Engineered rice lines will only be grown in designated transgenic glasshouse bays and seeds will be kept in the centralized transgenic seed storage area.

4. Samples collected from the transformed plants will be placed in sealed plastic bags and then placed in a second sturdy, leak-proof, plastic container.

5. All materials wastes generated will be decontaminated by autoclaving at high temperature beofre being disposed of according to standard biosafety protocol.

6. Plants and plant materials for disposal will be placed in sealed plastic bags and will be decontaminated by autoclaving and then disposed of following standard procedures prescribed by the biosafety committee.

7. Precautionary measures will be observed following guidelines set by IRRI's Biosafety Office and IRRI's Stewardship Implementation Team Good laboratory practices will be stringently imposed to prevent cross-over and dissemination of transgenic plant materials.

8. Researchers that will be working on transgenic materials are required to attend training and orientation on the proper handling of transgenic materials. Laboratory staff likewise need to pass the Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) Course. IRRI also implements stewardship practices that meet Excellence Through Stewardship standard meant to complement Biosafety.

Conditions for Approval N/A
Date of Approval (DD-MM-YYYY) 17-10-2020
Date of Completion (DD-MM-YYYY) N/A
Executive Summary N/A