Project Information

Reference Number 20090237
Project Title Contained Trial of Selected PRSV-CP Papaya Plants from Candidate Events E-124 and 132 for Further Breeding and Event Selection, Virus Resistance Testing and Molecular Characterization
Project Type Contained Use (Greenhouse)
Status Completed
Name of Institution University of the Philippines - Los Banos
Cooperating Institution N/A
Supervising IBC University of the Philippines-Los Banos (UPLB)
Project Leader(s)

Dr. Desiree M. Hautea

Experimental Facility/Site Institute of Plant Breeding, Crop Science Cluster, College of Agriculture, UP Los Baños, College, Laguna
Purpose / Objectives

Main Objective
• To identify and select PRSV-CP transgenic line(s) with high level of resistance to PRSV

Specific Objectives
• To multiply in vitro selected PRSV-CP plants of candidate events E-124 and E-132 for virus resistance testing and molecular analysis

• To conduct virus resistance screening test to assess and confirm the PRSV reaction of selected plants and/or progenies in confined trials 1 and 2

• To generate further molecular data of selected highly resistant PRSV event/line(s)

• To establish generational stability of gene insert and PRSV resistance trait of selected events and lines

Biosafety measures N/A
Conditions for Approval

• That the approved activities will be conducted at the following facilities of the Institute of Plant Breeding, UPLB: 1) micropropagation of test plants – P2 tissue culture laboratory of the BL2 Headhouse; 2) PRSV resistance screening of seedlings from selected transgenic events – BL2 greenhouse/screenhouse and 3) molecular analysis of leaf samples from selected events and lines – P1 laboratory (IPB Genetics Laboratory) and only authorized personnel are allowed inside the facilities

• That only authorized personnel be allowed access to the above-mentioned facilities

• That the proponents adhere closely to the schedule of activities

• That modifications in the planting schedule and other activities could be made with the concurrence of IBC and DOST-BC

• That papaya plants shall be cut down when the plants start to show severe yellowing’ little leaf formation, leaf deformation and reduction in canopy size (50-75%) of the plants to limit the inoculum level

• That the gadget used in cutting the infected papaya plants be treated with bleach or heat-treated before using again

• That all plant materials that have been cut down be disposed by burying in a pit inside the BL2 greenhouse

• That the DOST-BC and the Plant Quarantine Services, Bureau of Plant Industry (PQS-BPI) should be informed in advance of any visitations by unauthorized persons

• That all plants and viable materials within the experiment shall be accounted for

• That the biosafety contingency plan be submitted before the conduct of the experiment

• That a soft copy of the project proposal be submitted for for record keeping

• That the additional requirements that the DOST-BC may impose, as necessary, during the experiment period be complied with

Date of Approval (DD-MM-YYYY) 14-03-2009
Date of Completion (DD-MM-YYYY) 11-2011
Executive Summary N/A