Project Information

Reference Number 20090238
Project Title Development of Philippine rice cultivars with elevated levels of provitamin A carotenoids (Golden Rice2) through marker-assisted breeding
Project Type Contained Use (Greenhouse)
Status Terminated
Name of Institution Philippine Rice Research Institute
Cooperating Institution •Syngenta Biotechnology Inc. (SBI ) • The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) • The University of Freiburg (Germany
Supervising IBC Philippine Rice Research Institute CES (PhilRice) - Muñoz, Nueva Ecija
Project Leader(s)

Dr. Antonio A. Alfonso

Experimental Facility/Site The experiment will be conducted in the containment level 2 (CL2) screenhouse of the Philippine Rice Research Institute in Maligaya, Science City of Munoz, Nueva Ecija.
Purpose / Objectives

To introgress three selected Golden Rice (GR2) events, produced originally in the USA, into leading Philippine germplasm through DNA marker-assisted breeding

To evaluate the subsequent materials for eventual commercial release

Biosafety measures

That the activities shall be done at the containment level 2 (CL2) screenhouse of PhilRice, Maligaya, Science City of Munoz, Nueva Ecija

That only authorized personnel are allowed inside the said facility

That all plants and viable materials within the experiment area shall be accounted for

Conditions for Approval

• That the coverage of the approval is only up to the Beta carotene analysis activity

• That a revised Gantt chart covering only the approved activities be submitted to the DOST-BC

• That a list of personnel who will be allowed access to the facilities be submitted for approval of the DOST-BC

• That the proponents adhere closely to the schedule of activities

• That a monitoring schedule as coordinated with the Plant Quarantine Services, Bureau of Plant Industry (PQS-BPI) be submitted to the DOST-BC

• That modifications in the planting schedule and other activities could be made with the concurrence of the IBC and the DOST-BC

• That the DOST-BC and the PQS-BPI should be informed in advance of any visitations by unauthorized persons

• As regards the disposal of materials before and during termination, we suggest that only the viable materials be autoclaved or heat-killed while the non-viable materials may be disposed of directly to the compost bin. You have to ensure that the compost bins are secured until such time that the materials placed there can no longer be used for tissue culture

• That a soft copy of the project proposal and map of the greenhouse be submitted, for record keeping purposes

• That the additional requirements that the DOST-BC may impose, as necessary, during the experiment period be complied with

Date of Approval (DD-MM-YYYY) 14-03-2009
Date of Completion (DD-MM-YYYY) N/A
Executive Summary N/A