Project Information

Reference Number 20090245
Project Title Development of transgenic Rice Tolerant to Drought Using IPT Gene Under Control of Delayed Senescence Promoter
Project Type Contained Use (Greenhouse)
Status Completed
Name of Institution International Rice Research Institute
Cooperating Institution Department of Plant Sciences, University of California at Davis (UCD) One Shields Ave.
Supervising IBC International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)
Project Leader(s)

Dr. Inez Hortense Slamet-Loedin

Experimental Facility/Site Experiments will be carried out in the Biotechnology Laboratory, PBGB Division, IRRI. Transgenic rice plants of IR64 will be grown in approved transgenic greenhouse CL4. • Phenotypic evaluation of Kitaake and IR64 transgenic events will be carried out
Purpose / Objectives

The objective of this research is to test the efficacy of stress-induced cytokinin synthesis gene (IPT under control of delayed senescence promoter SARK) in conferring drought tolerance in indica varietal background (events transformed at IRRI, cv IR64) and in japonica background (events transformed at UC-Davis (cv. Kitaake)).

Biosafety measures

• All vectors will be in the plasmid collection of the Rice Biotechnology Laboratory, IRRI and/or Molecular Physiology, Cambridge.

• The tested plants will be kept in isolation in the CL4 transgenic greenhouse to prevent access of unauthorized personnel.

• Plant materials for disposal will be placed in sealed plastic bags.

• Plants grown in CL4 will be destroyed and the pots and soil will be autoclaved at high temperature and high pressure.

• Plant materials from the screenhouses (CS02 and others) will be disposed through appropriate disposal system in compliance with biosafety and related regulations in the Philippines.

• Access to the screenhouses will be for authorized staff only.

• A barcode entry system is applied in the screenhouses to record the entry personnel; a logbook is available for visitors not having IRRI access card system.

• Screenhouse facilities are adequate to prevent entry of rats, birds, etc.

• Transgenic seeds harvested from CL4 and the screenhouses will be kept in hermetically-sealed aluminum foil packages and stored in locked refrigerators designated for storage of transgenic seeds in Rice Biotechnology Laboratory, IRRI.

• Movement of all materials will be done in compliance of all relevant biosafety and phytosanitary requirements of the Philippines.

Conditions for Approval N/A
Date of Approval (DD-MM-YYYY) 19-12-2009
Date of Completion (DD-MM-YYYY) 12-2013
Executive Summary N/A