Project Information

Reference Number 20120271
Project Title Genetic Diversity of the Philippine Tomato Leaf Curl Virus (ToLCV-P) and Development of Infectious rDNA Clone for ToLCV Resistance Screening in Tomato
Project Type Contained Use (Screenhouse)
Status Completed
Name of Institution University of the Philippines - Los Banos
Cooperating Institution Department of Agriculture-BIOTECH
Supervising IBC University of the Philippines-Los Banos (UPLB)
Project Leader(s)

Dr. Lolita M. Dolores

Experimental Facility/Site Institute of Plant Breeding, Crop Science Cluster,College of Agriculture, UP Los Baños (UPLB)College, Laguna, Philippines
Purpose / Objectives


Biosafety measures

The agroinoculated plants will be secured in the BL1 screenhouse. Instead of insect transmission using, graft inoculation will be used or utilized to prevent disease escape. Insecticides intended for whiteflies will be applied if deem necessary. Proper decontamination and disposal of the agroinoculated plants will also be implemented.

Conditions for Approval

a) All activities shall be conducted in the designated P2 laboratory and BL1 screenhouse facilities located at the Crop Science Cluster-Institute of Plant Breeding, UPLB, Los Banos, Laguna.

b) The proponent shall adhere as closely as possible to the schedule of activities reflected in the submitted Gantt chart.

c) Any modifications in the schedule of activities should be made with the concurrence of the UPLB-IBC and the DOST-BC.

d) A biosafety contingency plan will be submitted before the conduct of the experiment.

e) The proponent shall inform which activities would require the presence of the UPLB-IBC, DOST-BC and PEQS-BPI personnel.

f) The proponent shall ensure that only the DOST-BC authorized personnel are allowed inside the experimental facilities.

g) The DOST-BC and PEQS-BPI personnel should be informed in advance of any visitations by unauthorized persons.

h) The DOST-BC and the PEQS-BPI personnel shall be informed immediately of any intrusion by unauthorized persons.

i) The proponent shall ensure that stray animals are excluded from the experimental facilities while tests are being conducted

j) In case of undue destruction of experimental materials resulting from unauthorized entry of personnel or breach of containment of experimental facilities, the proponent must implement measures to prevent the inadvertent escape of any viable material within the site. The proponent and the supervising IBC shall be held accountable for the undue destruction of the experimental materials and the consequences that its inadvertent escape may cause to the surrounding environment.

k) The plants, plant parts or other viable materials produced from the experiment shall not be fed to humans, wildlife and livestock.

l) All plants and viable materials within the experiment area shall be accounted for.

m) The proponent shall strictly observe proper disposal procedures of the plant materials.

n) Movement of all materials will be done in compliance with all relevant biosafety and phytosanitary requirements of the Philippines.

o) Any additional requirement that the DOST-BC may impose, as necessary, during the duration of the experiment should be complied with.

p) The proponent shall submit through the IBC a terminal report 90 days after completion of the experiment.

Date of Approval (DD-MM-YYYY) 23-02-2013
Date of Completion (DD-MM-YYYY) 2016
Executive Summary N/A