Project Information

Reference Number 2022-0344
Project Title Gene validation and gene function studies for the new blast resistant candidate genes
Project Type Contained Use (Laboratory)
Status Ongoing
Name of Institution International Rice Research Institute
Cooperating Institution N/A
Supervising IBC International Rice Research Institute (IRRI)
Project Leader(s)

Mary Jeanie Yanoria,
Gilda Jonson,
Sung-Ryul Kim,
Inez H. Slamet-Loedin

Experimental Facility/Site Genetic Transformation Laboratory (GTL), Gene Identification and Validation Laboratory (GIV) and the CL4 glass bays at the International Rice Research Institute.
Purpose / Objectives
  • Gene validation of the QTLs identified by GWAS and bi-parental QTL mapping for the candidate genes associated with
    neck blast and leaf blast resistance.


  • Gene function study of the validated blast resistant
Biosafety measures

Appropriate biosafety measures as implemented by IRRI, and the
requirements of the DOST-BC will be strictly observed and followed. Transgenic and untransformed control plants will only be grown in CL4 glass bays, a well-contained facility.

Biosafety measures that will be taken:

All vectors will be kept in the plasmid collection of Genetic
Transformation Laboratory (GTL) after construction and Gene
Identification and Validation Laboratory (GIV).

The tested plants will be kept in isolation in the CL4 glass bays to prevent access of unauthorized personnel.

Plant materials for disposal will be placed in sealed plastic bags and disposed of indedicated disposal pit for transgenic materials.

Plants grown in CL4 will be destroyed and the pots and soil will be autoclaved at high temperature and high pressure.

All materials movement and disposal will be done following standard internal protocol and SOPs

Access to GTL, GIV and CL4 facilities are for authorized
staff only.

A barcode entry system is applied in the facilities to record the entry of personnel; a log book is available for visitors not having IRRI access card system.

Transgenic plants from CL4 will be destroyed after the completion
of the experiment. The seeds from transgenic plants during the
conduct of the study will be kept at CL4 seed storage room. And after completion of the project, seeds will be kept for additional 3 years for publication purpose as an evidence of gene validation tests.

Handling of transgenic materials like movement and disposal and other necessary biosafety measures will be observed and implemented following guidelines set by IRRI’s Biosafety Office and IRRI’s Stewardship Implementation Team.

Researchers that will be working on the transgenic materials are
required to attend training and orientation on the proper handling
of transgenic materials and will need to pass the Good Laboratory
Practice (GLP) Course. IRRI also implements stewardship practices that meet Excellence Through Stewardship standard meant to complement Biosafety.



Conditions for Approval N/A
Date of Approval (DD-MM-YYYY) N/A
Date of Completion (DD-MM-YYYY) N/A
Executive Summary N/A