The company or institution applying for and granted permits under the DOST-DA-DENR-DOH-DILG Joint Department Circular1 No. 1, series of 2016 shall constitute an IBC prior to the contained use, confined test, or field trial of a regulated article. The membership of the IBC shall be approved by the DOST-BC for contained use or confined test, or by the DA-BC for field trial. The IBC is responsible for the conduct of the risk assessment and preparation of risk management strategies of the applicant for contained use, confined test, or field trial. It shall make sure that the environment and human health are safeguarded in the conduct of any activity involving regulated articles.

The IBC shall be composed of at least five(5) members, three (3) of whom shall be designated as scientist-members and two (2) members shall be community representatives. All scientist-members must possess scientific or technological knowledge and expertise sufficient to enable them to properly evaluate and monitor any work involving regulated articles conducted by the applicant.

The community representatives must not be affiliated with the applicant, and must be in a position to represent the interest of the communities where the activities are to be conducted. One of the community representatives shall be an elected official in the LGU. The other community representative shall be selected from residents who are members of the Civil Society Organizations represented in the Local Poverty Reduction Action Team, pusuant to DILG Memorandum Circular No. 2015-45. For multi-location trials, community representatives of the IBC shall be designated per site. If the activity may affect ancestral domain or ancestral land, or protected area, the second community representative should represent the indigenous people or protected area management board, as applicable.