The IBC shall be composed of at least five (5) members, all of whom must first be approved by the NCBP through the DOST-BC:
(a) At least three (3) members shall be designated as the “scientist-members”, one of which shall not be affiliated with the applicant. They must possess scientific or technological knowledge and expertise sufficient to enable them to properly evaluate and monitor any work involving GMOs conducted by the institution.
(b) The other members, not less than two (2) individuals, shall be designated as “community representatives”. They must not be affiliated with the institution apart from their affiliation with the IBC. They must be in a position to represent the interests of the communities surrounding the institution or which may be affected by the planned activities involving the use of GMOs.
(c) One (1) of the community representatives shall be an elected official (an individual holding an elective position in the community). Additional members may be recommended by the Head of the Institution subject to the approval of the NCBP through the DOST-BC.
(d) When the site is within an ancestral domain, a representative from Indigenous Peoples (IPs) shall be selected through the local IP (IPRA Law-NCIP) process in consultation with the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP).