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The DOST Biosafety Committee invites all Institutional Biosafety Committees and Project Proponents to submit reports for the 2016 IBC Annual Report. The 2016 Annual Report will cover the period from January 1 through December 31, 2016.


Reports are due by 31 March 2017


As in previous Annual Reports, it must include Progress or Completion Reports from proponents with on-going projects/ experiments. As for IBCs with no on-going projects, we invite you to provide information about the current status and activities related to biosafety/biotechnology of your Institution during the reporting period.

To ensure we receive your concerns and inquiries, please update your records with our latest email address.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




1.0        Call to Order



2.0        Adoption of the Provisional Agenda



3.0        Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting


For review and approval

4.0        Matters Arising From the Previous Meeting



4.1.   Report on the outcome of the NCBP Management Meeting



4.1.1.  Report on the outcome of the meeting with CHED



4.2.   Revised Common Formats of proposal for:

4.2.1.  Contained use

4.2.2.  Confined test


For review

5.0        Letter from Dr. Ajay Kohli, IRRI-IBC Chair endorsing the contained use proposal entitled "Functional characterization of wheat durable resistance gene Lr67 in conferring disease resistance to multiple fungal pathogens in rice (DOST-BC Ref. No. 2017-0306)"

5.1.   Coversheet

5.2.   Executive Summary

5.3.   Proposal

5.4.   Annex 1 - gantt chart

5.5.   Annex 2 - detailed schedule of activities

5.6.   Annex 3 - map of plasmid and southern blot

5.7.   Annex 4 - experimental layout floor plan and map

5.8.   Annex 5 - list of materials to be utilized

5.9.   Annex 6 - summary of introduced genetic elements

5.10. Annex 7 - biosafety contingency plan

5.11. Annex 8 - list of authorized personnel

5.11.1.    Personal data sheet

5.12. Annex 9 - summary of the project for posting

5.13. Annex 10 - list scientific literature references

5.13.1.     Burgos et al 2013

5.13.2.     Herrera-Foessel et al 2014

5.13.3.     Li et al 2008

5.13.4.     Moore et al 2015

5.13.5.     Online reference

5.13.6.     Toki et al 2006

5.13.7.     Zhou et al 2006


For review and approval

6.0        Letter from Mr. Yoichi Ishibashi of Nippon Steel, endorsing the reconstitution of the Nippon Steel-IBC.

6.1.   Personal Data Sheet - Dr. Wakamura

6.2.   Personal Data Sheet - Engr. Dumandan


For review and approval of the reconstituted IBC

7.0        Letter from Mr. Yoichi Ishibashi of Nippon Steel, explaining the mechanical trouble of the pilot plant being used by the project with DOST-BC reference number 2016-0296


For discussion

8.0        Letter from Dr. Vivencio R. Mamaril, DA-BPI OIC-Director, transmitting the DA Special Order appointing Ms. Ma. Lorelie U. Agbagala as the DA Alternate Representative to the DOST-BC


For information

9.0        Letter from Dr. Bernard John Tongol of UST inviting Dr. Montoya to serve as speaker on the topic "Biosafety in Research" on the seminar entitled "Research Excellence and Integrity" scheduled on 23 February 2017


For information and appropriate action

10.0      DOST-BC Communications

For information

11.0      Other Matters


12.0      Date and venue of next DOST-BC Meeting



13.0      Adjournment



We are pleased to provide you the 2015 NCBP Annual Report.

You may download the files here:

We are pleased to provide you the signed DOST-DA-DENR-DOH-DILG Joint Department Circular No. 1,series of 2016.

Thank you very much for your active involvement and dedication to this undertaking.

You may download the files here:

Joint Department Circular


The deadline for submission of proposals to be included in the monthly DOST-BC meeting is at the 3rd Week of every month. For proposals that requires importation of materials, please submit your proposal atleast 60 days in advance of the proposed date of project implementation.

Please be informed that NEW COMMON FORMATS for submission of Proposals and/or Reports to the DOST Biosafety Committee (DOST-BC) are now available. It is highly recommended that all proposals/reports to be submitted to the DOST-BC conform to the new common formats. Please submit your proposal(s) at least 60 days in advance of the proposed date of the project implementation.